Let E-Rate Complete be your E-Rate Administration Solution...

Our experience has shown that many eligible entities are not realizing the benefits of the E-Rate program.  Many factors contribute to the denial of E-Rate funding.  Some of the most frequently encountered are:  missed deadlines, complicated program rules/compliance issues, and lack of time and resources to do the necessary follow up.  At E-Rate Complete we're here to make the process flow more smoothly and to take the adminstrative burden from the already overflowing plates of those at the school/library who have been given the task of applying.  We are actively involved from the beginning stages of preparation through the final form submitted for reimbursement.  We begin by working with you to determine your technology and telecommunications needs and advise

as to what is E-Rate eligible.  We complete all forms for you (470, 471, 486, 472, and 500s as needed) but our dedication to our clients does not stop there.  We regularly monitor the status of applications/forms and track them through all stages until the very last reimbursement is made.  Our goal is to make the E-Rate application process as smooth as possible for the applicant and to minimize the amount of time the school/library needs to dedicate to the process.  After successfully applying and receiving the Funding Commitment, we review each monthly invoice to ensure you are receiving the maximum discount you are entitled to and give you regular updates showing how your E-Rate funds have been applied to date. 

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